Proactive Response training provides new solutions when responding to life threatening events.


Our classes instill a sense of self-determination and enable potential victims to become empowered leaders.


Our goal is to provide services that address risks effectively while keeping the safety and privacy of each client our top priority.


Advanced active shooter training combined with emergency medical care

The founders of Proactive Response Group are professionals who have extensive backgrounds in the fields of law enforcement and medical services. Throughout our careers we have witnessed the consequences of unpreparedness and inaction. A life lost or a business financially destroyed is unacceptable. Violent and deadly incidents in the workplace, schools and our places of worship have sadly become a regular occurrence.

We believe in providing the skill sets that people can use daily to forecast dangerous events and develop a strategy to save lives. We are dedicated to forging long-term partnerships with our clients in an effort to keep our community a safe place in which to work and live.

ProActive Response takes great pride in knowing that our instructors are well trained and have first-hand experience in various critical situations including active shooter events, hostage rescues and high-risk dignitary protection. The skills offered in each course have been implemented and proven effective in actual critical situations.


Chris Taylor

Director of Executive Protection

Tony Hannon

Medical Instructor


The Proactive team did a great job providing an active shooter training for our staff. It was important for us to identify a training model that shared sound strategy but also empowered us to react effectively. In the environment we find ourselves in today, each of can be at risk no matter our location. The Proactive training allowed the staff to experience simulations that can be used for our school’s plan as well as in their personal lives. Many of the staff thanked me for bringing the Proactive team into our school. This was our second training through Proactive. The first was a situational awareness training for our upperclassmen. As a Middle College, our students move from college buildings to the high school building frequently. We wanted them to be aware of their surroundings to increase safety and security. The training did just that, and some students have reported it helping when they were at the mall or leaving work as well. I would recommend either of these trainings for other organizations, not just schools.

Mike S
Principal, Greenville Tech Brashier Middle College

Our company’s experience with ProActive Response Group was very positive. Chad and Andy shared firsthand experiences which proved to be both compelling and relevant to our topic of situational awareness. Their genuine and professional presentation invoked an interactive discussion among our staff. I gauge the success of a program by the employee responses and I had many employee comments stating these were the best safety speakers we’ve ever had. I highly recommend ProActive Response Group.

Jimmy B
CEO, SkyLine Membership Corporation

I pride myself on being pretty aware of my surroundings. I am cautious, aware, and in some situations even have plan of escape. Before this class I felt like I had read and seen enough to keep my family and myself safe. To be honest, I didn’t think this class would show me anything I didn’t already know, or hadn’t already thought of. Boy, was I wrong! This was a wake up call.

I not only learned how my actions (or lack of actions) could make me vulnerable, but the instructors also gave me tools to help me be ready to react. So much so, that since the class, I have been using what I learned on a daily basis. With everything you see on the news I know keeping myself and my family completely safe is impossible. But at least now, I know if something does go wrong, I know that I have done all I can to prepare myself to react and hopefully protect those around me.

Amy M




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