Greg Freshour has served as a Paramedic in South Carolina for Greenville County EMS since 1996.  In his time with Greenville County EMS he has served as field Paramedic, Rescue Technician, and his current position as a Field Training Officer.  His rescue background began with the Technical Rescue Team as a Rescue Technician where he performed high angle rescue, auto extrication, swift water rescue and confined space rescue.  In February 2001 he was selected as a Tactical Medic for Greenville City police and Greenville County Sheriff’s Office SWAT teams.  He has attended numerous special weapons and tactics training courses and tactical EMS training.

Greg has served as a US Army medic since 1989.  During his tenure, he has served in numerous units both here in the United States and during multiple deployments overseas.  Through his military period, he has attended numerous medical, tactical, and extensive leadership courses, giving him a unique perspective on medical care during chaotic events. He has received multiple awards for achievements and service during combat operations.

Greg worked as a Certified Protection Specialist for 4 years with a large security company.  He was a Manager Detail Leader leading a team of Agents responsible for the 24-hour security and welfare of public figures, high net worth individuals and families here in the US and while traveling overseas.  During this time, he also was a medical instructor for the large security company.

Paramedic Freshour is an instructor in PHTLS Tactical Combat Causality Care (TCCC) and an Instructor for Tactical Emergency Causality Care (TECC).  He routinely is a medical instructor for Greenville County Sheriff Office and assists with other tactical medical training for other EMS and law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the state.