Active Shooter Training

Active shooter incidents are becoming everyday news stories. Law Enforcement and other first responders are regularly trained in responding to these incidents and dealing with them. At ProActive Response we know that the citizens will be the first line of defense. Our Active Shooter training will give you the necessary tools to increase your chances of winning in one of these unpredictable incidents.

It has been proven that basic lifesaving first aid will drastically increase the chances of survival. All active shooter courses include trauma care instruction based on the guide lines set forth by the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC). This instruction will develop the skills necessary to prevent death of victims that have received survivable injuries.

ProActive Response active shooter training provides a complete experience that begins with recognizing the threat and possibly preventing an incident. The unfortunate reality is that these incidents happen, but a good plan can increase your odds of survival. The course is a hands on approach that develops critical thinking skills necessary in stressful situations, educates the attendee on their role as first responders arrive, and teaches lifesaving first aid that is valuable not only in active shooter incidents but any unfortunate accident in life.


Situational Awareness Seminars

Violent encounters are becoming more and more common in the daily lives of Americans. With training we can recognize and avoid many situations that place us at risk of becoming a victim.

The Situational Awareness Seminar is a multi -facetted discussion that will change the mindset and thought process of the attendees. Attendees leave the seminar feeling empowered and confident that they can take a ProActive approach to their daily personal safety and the safety of their families. Our instructors are experts in situational awareness constantly living at heightened awareness levels as Law Enforcement Professionals.


Basic Self Defense Instruction

Physical confrontations are a last resort and should be avoided at all cost. The Basic Self Defense course is designed to follow the Situational Awareness Seminar. It will teach you how to take the appropriate action to defend yourself and escape potentially violent encounters.


Home Security and Defense Consultations

While we are all hard at work adding to the value of society there are many criminals planning how to make you and your family a victim. Modern construction practices leave many simple home security principles untouched. Our experts in home security provide a detailed review of weaknesses and solutions for each problem. Basic plans can be created for defending your home should that ever become necessary.


Executive Protection

High profile individuals are targeted by opportunistic criminals regularly for many different reasons. ProActive Response instructors have spent many years developing and implementing protection plans for dignitaries from all walks of life. Plans are developed based on the specific needs and risks to each individual.


Church Security and Congregation Safety

Unfortunately, our places of worship have become a target for individuals with bad intentions. It is important for these institutions to have a plan in place for dealing with a wide array of threats. Our staff will provide an onsite risk assessment and ideas to mitigate shortcomings should any be discovered. ProActive Response can tailor a custom training and response program that involves the entire body of the church.


Medical Training

ProActive Response medical training provides familiarization with commercial lifesaving products as well as instruction on how to create improvised supplies out of items already present. Our instructors provide hands on practical training using lifelike medical trainers to build the skills necessary to dramatically increase survival odds in the event of any type of traumatic injury. By-standers and co-workers will become life savers even before the arrival of first responders.