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In the event of a medical emergency or an active shooter situation, you are your own first responder. Are you prepared?

ProActive Response Group’s active shooter and emergency response training is designed to empower and save lives. We offer on-site classes for

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On-site Training

Our hands-on on-site training prepares your workplace, school, or place of worship to react instinctively to potentially violent incidents and medical emergencies. The skill sets we teach have been used again and again to save lives in moments of crisis and can even be applied to forecast dangerous events before they occur.

Purchase Your Bleeding Control Kit

Equip yourself to survive with a bleeding control kit from ProActive Response Group. Each of our kits includes all of the equipment we use in our active shooter training, including: (1) C-A-T® Tourniquet, (1) HyFin® Chest Seal Twin Pack, (2) NAR S-Rolled Gauze, (1) 6″ Emergency Trauma Dressing, (1) Pair of Bear Claw Nitrile Gloves, and (1) Instruction Card. In addition, our public access kits also include (1) Emergency Litter.

Bleeding Control Kit

ProActive Response Individual Bleeding Control Kit


Bleeding Control Kit

ProActive Response Public Access Bleeding Control 5-Pack



Active Shooter Events

According to the FBI, there were 50 active shooter events in 2016 and 2017.


Active shooter incidents occurred in 21 states with six of the events happening in Texas.

Total Casualties

There were 221 people killed and 722 wounded in 2016 and 2017 during active shooter events.

Engaged Citizens

Eight incidents were stopped by engaged citizens, four of which were stopped unarmed.

Meet ProActive Response Group

ProActive Response Group’s leaders and instructors are well-trained, with first-hand experience in critical situations, including active shooter events, hostage rescues, and high-risk dignitary protection. The skills offered in each course have been specifically developed to provide individuals and groups with effective courses of action in actual critical situations.

Andy Sexton spent 12 years with the Greenville County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina, where he held the rank of Uniform Patrol Sergeant. His experience includes serving as an assistant SWAT team leader, involvement in high-risk incidents including hostage rescues and the protection of dignitaries, working in criminal investigations (including armed robbery and homicide), and serving on the training committee for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

    • Law Enforcement - 12 Years80%

    • SWAT - 6 Years40%

Chad Ayers served as Sheriff’s Deputy for Greenville County in South Carolina for 12 years. He has worked undercover in multiple state and federal investigations and in high-pressure environments, including active shooter events and hostage negotiations. Chad was a member of the SWAT team, where he served as assistant team leader and also assisted in the creation and implementation of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office active shooter response program.

    • Law Enforcement - 12 Years80%

    • SWAT - 8 Years53%

Greg Freshour has served as a Paramedic in South Carolina since 1996, and was selected as Tactical Medic for the Greenville County police and Sheriff’s Office SWAT teams in 2001. With concurrent time spent as a US Army medic since 1989, Greg has served in units both stateside and overseas. He also worked as a Certified Protection Specialist with a large security company and is currently a Tactical Combat Casualty Instructor assisting with medical training for agencies throughout the state.

    • US Army Medic - 29 Years100%

    • SWAT Tactical Medic - 17 Years100%

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Security Consulting

The number of violent incidents at businesses, schools, and places of worship has been rising nationwide. Institutions must have a decisive plan for navigating potential threats and possess the skills to respond quickly and effectively should they occur. Our staff provides on-site risk assessments and ideas to mitigate any shortcomings that may exist at your facility. ProActive Response Group can tailor a program specifically designed for your establishment, taking into account variables like type of organization, which threats your organization is prone to and why, as well as what medical emergencies are probable should those threats become a reality.

A man give a security talk to a group of church congregants
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    Best training program we’ve ever invited to MPW. This is an engaging, hands-on survival course, not death by power point presentation. Great team of heroes who are teaching you life-saving skills. These consummate professionals provided us the opportunity to invest in our greatest asset as an organization, our staff.
    Mount Pleasant Waterworks
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    Before this class I felt like I had read and seen enough to keep my family and myself safe. To be honest, I didn’t think this class would show me anything I didn’t already know, or hadn’t already thought of. Boy, was I wrong! This was a wake up call. I not only learned how my actions (or lack of actions) could make me vulnerable, but the instructors also gave me tools to help me be ready to react. So much so, that since the class, I have been using what I learned on a daily basis. With everything you see on the news I know keeping myself and my family completely safe is impossible. But at least now, I know if something does go wrong, I know that I have done all I can to prepare myself to react and hopefully protect those around me.
    Amy M.
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    We enlisted the team at ProActive Response to conduct active shooter and emergency medical training for our weekday preschool staff at Earle Street Baptist Church. It was definitely money and time well spent! Both Andy and Chad did an excellent job of presenting the material and teaching us the skills we may need to survive in this type of situation. We hope and pray our teachers never need to employ the skills they learned in class but we know they are empowered to do whatever is necessary to protect the children in their care.
    Denise P.
    Earle Street Baptist Church Preschool
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    Chad, Andy and Greg conducted a well prepared and structured Active Shooter training. Their coaching style drove home important and critical facts on how to act in certain situations and provided insight and options to consider when involved in an Active Shooter situation. Granted, no one ever wants to be in such a situation, but I’d much rather be prepared and in it than not prepared at all. The ProActive Response Group Team will help you not being helpless and prepare you just in case it happens.
    Christopher L.
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    We live in a different world that we grew up in. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of evil in the world. The best action you can take is to be prepared. Our company brought in ProActive RG to prepare us in the event of an Active Shooter. These guys were were great. They brought decades of knowledge, FBI documented statistics, and hands on experiences. Highly recommend for anyone and any business.
    Bret H.
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    I participated in a training session yesterday. I have participated in others in other school districts. This was by far the best. Not only did you receive practical information, you were able to practice drills. The medical information was also very valuable.
    Barbara D.
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    I could not be more pleased with the Active Shooter Response Training. Words such as exhilarating, empowering, impactful, and mind-changing can be used to describe the training. It is one of those trainings that we all know we will be talking about for years to come. It teaches you that you have options and how to use those options. In addition, the lifesaving skills that are taught can be used in many different scenarios. It is obvious these guys are extremely passionate about what they are teaching. My prayer remains that we will never encounter an active shooter event at any of our locations. However, if that day ever comes, we will survive!
    Kim S.
    CEO, SkyLine Membership Corp. | SkyBest Communications
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    As a house of worship, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our parishioners. We engaged ProActive Response group for a security assessment and they highlighted and pointed out several immediate ways we could make our worship a safer, yet still an approachable experience. Churches cannot afford NOT to do this kind of training, and no Parish Council or Finance Council in the country could say no to providing this kind of training for the people who worship in their pews.
    Father Dan B.
    Priest, Holy Trinity Catholic Church
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    Our employee’s safety is our top priority, and I’m pleased to work with ProActive Response Group in helping keep our employees safe. The online training contains powerful information that can truly save lives. It works well for our company because the videos are engaging and just the right run time. We immediately started implementing some of the tips received from the training such as outfitting our offices with the right supplies should an unfortunate event occur. Andy and his team are phenomenal to work with and I would highly recommend partnering with ProActive Response Group.
    Rachel Sanchez, Chief Executive Officer
    Prestige Maintenance USA
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