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Would you know what to do if an act of violence or a potentially severe injury occurred at your organization? On-site active shooter training, along with emergency medical training, could mean the difference between life and death, either for you or for someone you know. ProActive Response Group provides on-site training, taught by veteran SWAT team members, tactical medics, and law enforcement specialists. Our training instructs organizations nationwide on how to prepare for the unexpected and empowers individuals like you to survive so that you can save yourself, your family, your friends, and your coworkers. Our training is:

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Active Shooter Training

A man demonstrates how to properly disarm an attacker with a pitol
Through hands-on training, you’ll learn to recognize the signs and sounds of a potential threat and receive instruction on responding to critical situations. Every class is customized to your organization, whether it’s a place of business, worship, or education.

Through the emergency medical training included in this course, our team will educate you on providing lifesaving care to those who are injured and also coach you on working with first responders as they arrive.

Emergency Medical Training

A man teaches a woman in a snoopy shirt how to pack a wound
Our medical training is designed to build familiarity with commercial lifesaving products. We challenge attendees to think critically and creatively in any emergency, and instruct them on how to improvise emergency medical supplies from items on hand.

Our instructors provide hands-on medical training, not just a demonstration. Attendees learn to apply tourniquets, pack wounds, and more using life-like medical trainers.

Situational Awareness Seminars

A man holds a bleeding control kit in front of a class of teachers
In a world where many of us spend more time looking at our phones than paying attention to our environment, situational awareness is more important than ever.

Our Situational Awareness Seminar is designed to help attendees recognize and respond to many situations that place individuals at risk of being targeted for violence. Attendees will leave the seminar feeling confident and prepared to take a proactive approach to their own personal safety as well as their families, friends, and acquaintances.

Training with Money Back Guarantee

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Effective active shooter response training and emergency medical training demands more than a few minutes in front of a video screen. Interactive, scenario-based training is what truly prepares you for emergencies when every second counts.

ProActive Response Group provides on-site active shooter training in Greenville, SC and throughout the United States. Our customizable training options are developed to match the size and scale of any organization, and we maintain a focus on building the muscle memory and generating rapid responses that save lives.

If an active shooter event occurred, would you be ready? Contact us at (888) 512-3530 or fill out the form to get started.

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