Active Shooter Training

If an active shooter event occurred, would you be ready?

Active shooter incidents are becoming everyday news headlines. While law enforcement and other first responders are regularly trained in responding to these incidents of violence, it’s the individuals already present in workplaces, religious establishments, and schools who are the true first line of defense. ProActive Response Group’s Active Shooter Training classes are designed to empower and equip those individuals to act when they find themselves in the midst of an unexpected crisis.

What is an Active Shooter Training Class like?

Too many active shooter courses are hands-off, consisting of a video and perhaps a short lecture. ProActive Response Group’s mission is to fill in that knowledge gap with a complete active shooter training experience.

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Learn how to recognize a potential developing threat, and discover how an incidence of violence may be prevented entirely by taking timely action.
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Experience ‘stress inoculation’ when you’re introduced to what an active shooter event may sound like.
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Critical Thinking

Develop the critical thinking skills necessary to maintaining calm in life-threatening situations. Use nearby objects and your environment to create a plan for survival.
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Understand your role as ‘first’ first responder until police and EMTs arrive. Acquire lifesaving first aid skills you’ll carry with you should an emergency medical situation interrupt your everyday routine.
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Having someone already present onsite at the time of the event who is able to provide lifesaving first aid, such as applying a tourniquet or packing a wound, drastically increases chances of survival for injured individuals.

All of our Active Shooter Training classes include trauma care instruction, based on the guidelines set by the Committee on Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, or TECC.

This instruction will develop the skills necessary to prevent the death of victims that have received survivable, albeit grievous, injuries.

Be prepared for the unexpected with ProActive Response Group

In our Active Shooter Training course, you won’t just see demonstrations of lifesaving first aid — you’ll learn to apply tourniquets and pack wounds by doing so yourself. You’ll be introduced to the most effective courses of action to take when dealing with an active shooter in your organization, as well as what first responders are looking out for and what assistance they need from you when they arrive on the scene.

These classes are not designed to instill fear or teach panicked reactions. Instead, you’ll leave with the skills and knowledge you need to no longer see yourself as a victim, but rather as an empowered leader in your everyday life, whether you’re at work, church, or school.

To learn more about our Active Shooter Training classes, or to schedule a risk assessment or active shooter course at your organization, contact us at (888) 512-3530 or fill out the form.

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