Active Shooter Training for Corporations

Adopt a mindset of preparedness.

In the event of workplace violence, every employee working in your corporate office should be trained and ready to take action to ensure their own survival — and prepared to provide lifesaving care should others experience life-threatening injuries.

Training with Money Back Guarantee

Take action against workplace violence.

Even with armed security on the premises, there’s no way to know how long it will take that armed guard or first responder to arrive. In those critical moments between when workplace violence begins and when law enforcement gains control, will your employees feel prepared to respond?

Preparation starts with recognizing a potential threat, evaluating the situation, and having the knowledge and skillset to take action.

Empower your employees.

During our Active Shooter Training for Corporations classes, we’ll conduct training for any and all of your team members. Attendees will be taught how to recognize the sights and sounds that signal a potential threat, what actions to take to increase the likelihood of survival, and how to act as their own first responders until law enforcement and EMTs arrive.

The class will then receive hands-on Emergency Medical Training on applying tourniquets and packing wounds using lifelike medical trainers. The hands-on portion of the course is designed to impart a sense of muscle memory so that if your employees are faced with serious injuries at the workplace, they will be prepared to utilize these techniques and potentially save lives.

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