Active Shooter Training for
Industrial Facilities

Industrial and manufacturing facilities are uniquely vulnerable to workplace violence.

If an instance of violence occurred, would everyone working on the factory floor or within your facility be fully prepared to take action to ensure their own survival and provide lifesaving aid to injured coworkers?

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Are you prepared to address workplace violence?

Even with a security system or armed security guard in place, there’s no way to know how long it would take an armed guard or first responder to arrive. The time between the initial violence and the arrival of law enforcement is critical, and your employees will need to act quickly and effectively to minimize injuries and save lives.

Empower your employees to become self-confident and determined leaders in the event of violence by scheduling Active Shooter Training for Industrial Facilities with ProActive Response Group.

Don’t just react. Take action and survive.

During our Active Shooter Training Classes for Industrial Facilities, we’ll meet with key members of the team or even the entire workforce at your facility, depending on your situation. Those who attend Active Shooter Training will learn how to recognize the sights and sounds that signal a potential threat, determine effective actions to take, and even gain the skills necessary to act as their own first responders until law enforcement and EMTs arrive.

The class also includes hands-on Emergency Medical Training using lifelike medical trainers for tourniquet application and wound packing. This knowledge and skill set is essential, not just if an act of violence should occur, but also in the event of life-threatening injuries due to workplace accidents or other everyday emergencies.

Schedule your Active Shooter Training for Industrial Facilities, available in Greenville, SC and throughout the US, or learn more about our on-site Risk Assessments and other Security Consulting services by calling ProActive Response Group at (888) 512-3530, or fill out the form on this page.