Active Shooter Response Training Videos

Your employees and coworkers are their own first responders in an active shooter situation. Are they prepared to respond as such?

While your workplace can only do so much to prevent an active shooter situation from taking place, you can proactively provide your employees with the tools they need to effectively respond should such an event or other emergency occur.

Our Active Shooter Response Training curriculum teaches preparedness and empowerment to corporate teams. Through the course of these eye-opening and instructional videos paired with online quizzes, your employees will learn to develop a plan of action should an active shooter walk into your office.

Pre-Incident Awareness and Threat Recognition

Your employees will discover what it means to be situationally aware using Cooper’s Color Code, and determine what situational awareness looks like in their everyday life – especially at work.

Responding to a Threat

There are various practical ways to survive an attack in an office setting. This video will strengthen your team’s critical thinking skills in high-pressure situations.

Life-Saving Medical Training

Do your employees know how to use a tourniquet, pack a wound, and apply a pressure dressing? They will after watching this video.

Interaction with First Responders and the Aftermath

Most employees do not realize that when police respond to an active shooter event at an office, their first priority – before treating injuries – is to locate the shooter. Furthermore, few employers are equipped to deal with the aftermath of a shooting. This video addresses both dilemmas.

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We’ve designed our video training to be engaging, empowering, and applicable to situations outside acts of violence. This course was not created to scare your employees. Rather, it provides concrete direction and practical coaching on a topic that is too often avoided.

The complete training course includes videos, quizzes, and the capability for you as the employer to track each of your employee’s progress and comprehension of the material. To learn more, contact ProActive Response Group at (864) 479-8244, or fill out the form.