Protect your students and staff with a Security Assessment.

School Security Assessment

While we believe that all schools should be safe spaces and free from any risk, the reality of our world is that active shootings happen. We want to help you to feel safe and able to focus in a secure learning environment. What do you do when schools don’t feel safe? A School Security Assessment is a great place to start.

What happens in a

School Security Assessment?

Our security consulting services and Active Shooter Response Training classes are designed to do away with the fear of the unknown. We aim to empower school administration and teachers to take action in unpredictable situations.

1. Initial Meeting

Step one involves meeting with key members of your team. We’ll sit down with you and review your concerns, determine the type of feedback you’re looking for, and give you an idea of what we’ll look out for during our visit.

2. On-site Visit

Next, we’ll consult with you onsite, walk through your facility or facilities, noting potential vulnerabilities while keeping track of common entrances and exits, windows, security cameras, and other important details.

3. Prepare Plan

Last, we’ll put together a plan of action that will allow your school to effectively prepare for what often seems unpredictable.

Schools have increasingly become

targets for acts of violence.

Everything about schools should be a welcoming place for kids, tweens, and teens alike. However, things like large windows, wide hallways, and easy exits to the playground or parking lot have become risks to the safety of the school should the unthinkable ever happen.

Students, teachers, and administrative staff shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they are in a vulnerable area. Schedule a Security Assessment with ProActive Response Group, and we’ll help you create a learning environment that emphasizes security without making your students feel unsafe.

Children walking down a school hallway with colorful backpacks.

Why you should schedule a

School Security Assessment?

The founders of ProActive Response Group have a long history of working in emergency medical and law enforcement capacities. Not only have we been involved in dangerous criminal investigations and hostage negotiations and provided on-the-spot lifesaving emergency medical care, but we’ve also provided security consulting services and protective details for high-risk dignitaries and other individuals.

With more than a hundred years of combined experience, we have a unique perspective on every building we enter. Schools are no exception. We want to pass along our outlook with a School Security Assessment and Security Counseling.

If you’re ready to get started scheduling your School Security Assessment, or if you’d like to speak with someone in person and get more details, give us a call at (888) 512-3530.

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School Risk Assessment



Chad Ayers

Chad Ayers served as Sheriff’s Deputy for Greenville County in South Carolina for 12 years. He has worked undercover in multiple state and federal investigations and in high-pressure environments, including active shooter events and hostage negotiations. Chad was a member of the SWAT team, where he served as assistant team leader and also assisted in the creation and implementation of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office active shooter response program. Chad starred in season one of A&E TV’s Emmy-winning documentary LIVEPD and is a frequent guest commentator for FOX News, Law & Crime Network, and On Patrol Live.


Andy Sexton

Andy Sexton spent 12 years with the Greenville County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina, where he held the rank of Uniform Patrol Sergeant. His experience includes serving as an assistant SWAT team leader, involvement in high-risk incidents, including hostage rescues and the protection of dignitaries, working in criminal investigations (including armed robbery and homicide), and serving on the training committee for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

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