Places of worship

Unfortunately, acts of violence happen in synagogues, mosques, churches, and other places of worship, which means having the skillset and knowledge to respond safely and effectively is of utmost importance.

Empowering church leaders

one class at a time.

No congregation should ever have to feel afraid of what might occur. With our Active Shooter Response Training course, we help faith leaders feel empowered to take action during that critical time between the initial onset of violence and the time law enforcement arrives. Every moment is crucial.

Key members of your church, which can include church staff and even some members of the congregation, will learn how to recognize critical signals (such as certain sights and sounds) that may indicate a potential threat, what actions are most effective in violent incidents, and how to act as their own first responder until emergency teams and law enforcement arrive.

Customized strategy for

safety and response

The unique settings of religious establishments aren’t always suited for most Active Shooter Response Training. Typically, most trainings like these are short videos that don’t keep places like churches and synagogues in mind, so they aren’t always that helpful.

However, our hands-on, on-site Active Shooter Response Training and Bleeding Control Training will provide attendees with a working knowledge and the skillset to act quickly and effectively — we want to act, not react.

With our Bleeding Control Training, we’ll teach you lifesaving medical techniques such as tourniquet application and wound packing to stop bleeding from a severe injury. This skill set and knowledge can be useful for accidents, too, not just during acts of violence. Such training may even save a life in the event of an unexpected, severe accident.

Active Shooter Training For Churches



Chad Ayers

Chad Ayers served as Sheriff’s Deputy for Greenville County in South Carolina for 12 years. He has worked undercover in multiple state and federal investigations and in high-pressure environments, including active shooter events and hostage negotiations. Chad was a member of the SWAT team, where he served as assistant team leader and also assisted in the creation and implementation of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office active shooter response program. Chad starred in season one of A&E TV’s Emmy-winning documentary LIVEPD and is a frequent guest commentator for FOX News, Law & Crime Network, and On Patrol Live.


Andy Sexton

Andy Sexton spent 12 years with the Greenville County Sheriff’s office in South Carolina, where he held the rank of Uniform Patrol Sergeant. His experience includes serving as an assistant SWAT team leader, involvement in high-risk incidents, including hostage rescues and the protection of dignitaries, working in criminal investigations (including armed robbery and homicide), and serving on the training committee for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.

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