Industrial Risk Assessment

Reduce vulnerabilities with an Industrial Risk Assessment.

Even small-scale manufacturing facilities often consist of large warehouse-style buildings full of machinery alongside smaller offices. This unique setup presents its own set of unique risks. Instead of ignoring the risk — or perhaps not being aware of it at all — educate yourself on the safety gaps within your industrial facility and adopt strategies for overcoming them with an Industrial Risk Assessment.

What happens at an Industrial Risk Assessment?

With an abundance of space and multiple entrances and exits, an industrial facility or warehouse could become chaotic in the event of violence in the workplace. With an Industrial Risk Assessment from ProActive Response Group, you can provide knowledge and preparation that will mitigate the risk of injury and uncertainty.

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Initial Meeting

First, we’ll speak with key members of your team. We’ll sit down with you and go over your concerns, determine what kind of feedback you’re looking for, and give you an idea of what we’ll be on the lookout for during our visit.
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On-site Visit

Then, we’ll consult with you onsite, taking a walk through your facility or facilities, noting potential vulnerabilities and keeping track of common entrances and exits, windows, security cameras, and other important details.
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Prepare Plan

Finally, we’ll put together a plan of action that will allow your company to effectively prepare for what often seems unpredictable.
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What are your next steps?

Our recommendations may include scheduling active shooter training classes, installing more security features, or taking other steps to protect your workforce in the event of violence.

We’d like to take the knowledge and experience we’ve gained and use it to help create a safer workspace in the event that the unexpected should occur.

Schedule your Industrial Risk Assessment

How many potential exits are available in your facility in the event of an emergency? There may be more than you think. At ProActiveRG, we have a combined three decades of experience in high-risk law enforcement duties and emergency medical response, so we’re used to entering a room and noting every potential entrance and exit.

To schedule your Industrial Risk Assessment, or to learn more about the process, contact ProActive Response Group at (888) 512-3530, or contact us online at any time.

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