Active Shooter Training for Schools

Teach safety in order to educate safely.

Schools should provide students with a safe and secure learning environment. Unfortunately, however, schools have increasingly become targets for individuals resolved to commit acts of violence.

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Are your teachers and staff prepared?

Many Active Shooter Training courses only provide a few minutes of video education, or don’t suit the unique features of your school in particular. In these cases, the hands-on Active Shooter Training for schools provided by ProActive Response Group will produce the advanced skillset and knowledge necessary to empower teachers and administrative staff to react to an incident of violence and protect themselves and their students.

Even with a school resource officer on duty, those first moments between the initial act of violence and the arrival of law enforcement are critical. Every single member of your team will need to act quickly and effectively to minimize injuries and save lives.

Empower your teaching team to take action!

During our Active Shooter Training Classes for Schools, we’ll meet with key members of the team or even the entire staff, depending on your situation.

Teachers and other staff that attend Active Shooter Training will discover how to recognize the sights and sounds that signal a potential threat, identify the most effective actions to take to protect their students and themselves, and learn how to act as their own first responders until law enforcement and EMTs arrive.

The class includes hands-on Emergency Medical Training for applying tourniquets and packing wounds using lifelike medical trainers. These techniques can save lives even in the event of accidental injuries, and your teachers and staff will be able to take this knowledge with them into their everyday lives.

Active Shooter Training for Schools is available in Greenville, SC and throughout the US. To learn more about our on-site Risk Assessments and other Security Consulting services, call ProActive Response Group at (888) 512-3530 or fill out the form on this page.