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ProActive Response Group?

The unsettling truth is that it’s impossible to predict exactly when a life-threatening event could occur.

While you can’t predict the future, you can equip yourself with the knowledge to not just react, but to take action, save lives, and survive. We provide:

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We want to empower you.

ProActive Response Group was founded by professionals with extensive experience in the fields of law enforcement and emergency medical services. We have first-hand experience with active shooter events, hostage negotiation and hostage rescues, and high-risk dignitary protection.

We’ve been the first ones on the scene in an emergency and the last to leave when the scene has been secured. Throughout our combined three decades of experience, we have witnessed the consequences of a lack of knowledge and an inability to effectively prepare.

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We consider the loss of lives or the financial destruction of a business to be unacceptable outcomes, and we believe that with the right knowledge and skill set, every individual can be empowered to save lives.

Our goal at ProActive Response group is to provide innovative Active Shooter Training and Risk Assessments with the belief that in the event of violence, a lack of knowledge and a surplus of fear will be the biggest obstacles to safety.

Our classes instill a sense of self-determination and empower our class attendees to become leaders within their facilities with the skills and confidence to save lives, assist first responders and law enforcement, and take action when necessary.

Schedule your Active Shooter Training, or get started with a Risk Assessment for your organization by calling ProActive Response Group at (888) 512-3530. Based in Greenville, SC, we frequently hold classes in Charlotte, GaffneyColumbia, Spartanburg, Anderson, Irmo, Chapin, Lexington, and Charleston, but we offer our on-site training nationwide! Contact us online to schedule your training anywhere in the US.

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