Situational Awareness Seminars

Be aware in a world of distractions.

We live in a distracted world. Whether we’re checking text messages, scrolling through social media, or just chatting on the phone, it’s easy to lose track of the world around us. Situational Awareness Seminars with ProActive Response Group can help you stay safe by taking back your awareness of your environment.

We frequently provide situational awareness training to:


Gated Communities


Fraternities and Sororities


Youth Groups

A man points to a place in an office building, demonstrating situational awareness

Are you actively aware of your surroundings?

Many survivors of violent encounters have mentioned that they simply weren’t aware of any potential threat to their safety until it was too late. Our situational awareness training is designed to empower everyday individuals to recognize and avoid many situations that place us at risk of becoming a victim.

Structured as a multi-faceted discussion, our situational awareness training will change the mindset and thought process of those who attend. Attendees will leave the seminar feeling confident and prepared to take a proactive approach to their personal safety and the safety of their families.

Our instructors are experienced law enforcement professionals, who were trained in situational awareness and who live at heightened awareness levels every day.

Take control of your safety.

Contact ProActive Response Group to schedule a Situational Awareness Seminar for your gated community, fraternity, sorority, youth group, or other organization.

You can also learn more about Active Shooter Training classes and other on-site training opportunities by calling us at (888) 512-3530 or filling out the form.

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