Church Safety Training and Assessment

A place of worship should be a sacred space.

Everyone attending services at a church, synagogue, mosque, or other place of worship should feel they are in the safest space of all. Unfortunately, our places of worship have become a target for individuals intent on committing acts of violence. It’s imperative for church staff and others to take action to secure their place of worship in case an incidence of violence should occur.

What happens at Church Safety Training?

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On-site Assessment

Our staff will provide an on-site risk assessment, including a discussion with church staff on their concerns about potential vulnerabilities, ideas to mitigate shortcomings, and a custom training and response program that involves the entire body of the church.
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Active Shooter Class

You may choose to send key members of the congregation or staff to Active Shooter Event Training classes, and we’d be happy to discuss with you at length the benefits you’ll receive from empowering your congregation with effective actions everyone can take in case of an emergency.
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Emergency Medical Training

We also provide emergency medical response training as part of our Active Shooter Training classes, where individuals will gain hands-on experience in applying tourniquets, packing wounds, and other techniques that are essential if serious injury for any reason should occur.
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Are you ready to empower your congregation?

When you schedule church safety training with ProActive Response Group, you can benefit from our combined three decades of experience in high-risk law enforcement and emergency medical response.

Our Church Safety Training and risk assessment services are designed not to scare anyone, but to empower church staff and members of the congregation to take action and save lives in the event of violence.

Schedule Church Safety Training with ProActive Response Group

Empower your congregation with a Risk Assessment and Emergency Training. To schedule Church Safety Training for your staff and congregation, give us a call at (888) 512-3530, or contact us online at any time. We’d be happy to conduct a Risk Assessment for your church, and provide more information on our Active Shooter Training classes in order to help your congregation feel secure and be safe.

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