Active Shooter Response Training in Lexington, SC

Are you prepared to be your own first responder?

Mass shootings and other acts of violence are just as likely to happen in a major city as they are to happen in Lexington, SC. These types of emergencies are random and unpredictable. However, they can be prepared for.

ProActive Response Group works hard to provide individuals and organizations the practical skills they need to respond in an active shooter event. Along with this skill-based training, our class participants learn to adopt an empowered mindset that gives them the confidence to act if an emergency were to occur in as unlikely a place as Lexington.

Workplace Violence Prevention in Lexington

What if you had to be your coworker’s first responder?

Instances of workplace violence are increasing across the US, and South Carolina is no exception.

That’s why it’s so important for Lexington’s companies to provide their employees with active shooter response training. After all, to acknowledge the pending threat, but not give your team the tools they need to respond effectively is careless. Scenario-based, on-site training for corporations will not only teach employees to act as first responders in an emergency, but it will also empower them to survive.

ProActive Response Group holds Active Shooter Response classes in Lexington, but if a video course is more feasible for your Lexington-based team, check out our online training curriculum for active shooter response.

A man holds a bleeding control kit in front of a class of teachers
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School Safety Drills for Lexington Schools

Teachers need training that empowers them to save lives.

At this point, school shootings have become so frequent that active shooter training drills have now become mandatory for public schools across the state of South Carolina. This means that Lexington public schools are required by law to hold two active shooter training drills each year.

But drills alone are not enough. Teachers and staff must get hands-on training in active shooter response and emergency medical response so they are prepared to respond effectively in a crisis. Additionally, teachers must have basic lifesaving equipment in their classrooms. Bleeding Control Kits contain all of the tools necessary to stop severe bleeding and save lives.

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Safer Manufacturing Facilities in Lexington

Industrial teams need hands-on training more than they need another safety manual.

Manufacturing and industrial teams are at a much higher risk of experiencing work-related injuries than are office employees. That means employers have a responsibility to proactively address that risk by providing their teams with emergency medical training. A team trained in emergency medical care will have the skills and confidence they need to respond and treat a life-threatening injury.

There’s no avoiding the fact that heavy industrial equipment is dangerous, and when accidents happen, a coworker’s trained medical response could mean the difference between life and death. In addition to providing training in bleed control, make sure that your Lexington facility also has Bleeding Control Kits onsite for emergency situations.

Church Security Assessments in Lexington

The only way to prevent the worst is to prepare for it.

Even Lexington’s religious establishments cannot ignore the threat of mass shootings. Church leaders must take the initiative to promote safety and preparedness among their staff and congregation.

Beginning with a safety assessment and on-site training, religious establishments can learn to recognize potential threats before they become a reality.

A man give a security talk to a group of church congregants

Training a Survivor’s Mindset

Contact ProActive Response Group.

ProActive Response Group’s dedicated team of instructors is ready to provide your school, workplace, or religious establishment with the practical skills and the empowered mindset needed to survive an active shooter event or other life-threatening situation. Contact us to learn more about: