Active Shooter Training in Spartanburg, SC

Empowering Upstate South Carolina and to recognize, respond, and survive

Many times, we assume that the size of a city is directly linked to its level of safety. However, safety is not that predictable. A school, church or workplace in Spartanburg, South Carolina could just as unexpectedly experience a shooting as could another larger city.

It is an unfortunate reality that safety is never guaranteed, but thanks to organizations like ProActive Response Group, survival can be trained.

The Rise of Workplace Violence

Employees aren’t just bystanders.
They’re first responders.

It’s unlikely that Spartanburg’s workforce is commuting to work while mulling over how they might respond to an active shooter event at their place of employment. The more likely scenario is that they’re operating on autopilot, unaware of the potential for workplace violence – a risk that’s becoming increasingly more common, not just in Spartanburg, but across the entire nation.

It’s crucial that Spartanburg business owners and managers provide their employees with the training they need to effectively respond should an active shooter event occur at your corporation. Scenario-based, on-site training for corporations will not only equip employees to respond, but it will also empower them to survive.

Prefer to train your Spartanburg-based team using a video course? Check out our online training curriculum for active shooter response.

A man holds a bleeding control kit in front of a class of teachers
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School Shootings Across the Carolinas

Spartanburg’s teachers need the right training to respond effectively.

This generation of students has never known a world without school shootings. It’s no wonder that South Carolina public schools are now required by law to hold two active shooter training drills each year. Failing to train our teachers and staff for such a crisis would be to do our students a great disservice. Hands-on training in active shooter response and emergency medical response is essential for Spartanburg’s schools. In addition, it’s crucial to equip teachers with the medical tools they need to stop severe bleeding and save lives. Outfitting every classroom with a Bleeding Control Kit accomplishes this objective.

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Increased Risk at Manufacturing Facilities

Safety policies for industrial and manufacturing teams aren’t the same as hands-on training.

Compared to office employees, workplace injury potential is extremely high for industrial workers. Heavy machinery and moving equipment present serious safety concerns, and while preventive policies prevent most injuries, accidents are bound to happen, and when they do, a trained medical response could mean the difference between life and death. Emergency medical training equips Spartanburg’s industrial teams to treat life-threatening injuries such as severe bleeding. Furthermore, keeping Bleeding Control Kits onsite for such situations could save lives.

When Places of Worship Need a Security Plan

Is your church or congregation situationally aware and secure?

South Carolina has experienced active shooter attacks on places of worship before. We can’t afford not to take proactive steps to keep it from happening again. Beginning with a safety assessment and on-site training, religious establishments can learn to recognize potential threats before they become a reality.

Even at our welcoming Spartanburg churches, safety can no longer be considered an expectation. Safety is something that church leaders must proactively fight to protect.

A man give a security talk to a group of church congregants

Survival is a trained mindset.

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