taylorChris Taylor serves as Captain over the Uniform Patrol Division for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, in Greenville South Carolina. Chris has over 20 years of experience conducting threat assessments, site assessments, motorcades, and executive protection in a variety of environments.

Chris has conducted threat and site assessments for Presidential and Vice presidential visits, as well as hands on protection of Presidential Candidates campaigning for the highest Office in the land. In this capacity, he has conducted site advances, motorcade route planning, detail leader, team leader, and has served as a liaison for the Secret Service.

Chris was instrumental in the development of new hires by the Sheriff’s Office as well as a co-founder of the pre Academy class held by the Sheriff’s Office for these newly hired Deputies. Chris was a founding member of the Sheriff’s Office Dignitary Protection Team that consist of 25 members that he oversees for all dignitary visits to the Greenville SC area.

Chris is the platoon commander in Uniform patrol on Bravo platoon and oversees 29 Deputies as well as 4 Sergeants. Chris is active on the platoon in training, answering calls for service, supervision, discipline, and the overall morale of the platoon. In addition to these duties Chris is also the supervisor of munitions on the Sheriff’s Office Field Force Team.

In addition to this, over his career with the Sheriff’s Office, Chris has received two Distinguished Service awards, and was awarded the 1997 Rookie of the Year. Chris has received several commendations as well as letters of appreciation from several local, state, and federal agencies for his assistance in Dignitary Protection.